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I've got a lot to say, but that isn't reason I'm writing today.
With any luck, all will be said, done and over with tomorrow. In fact, unless something goes awry, this journal will see its last entry in less than twenty-four hours.

It should come as no suprise--I can't remember writing here in over months and months.
Its been an experience, trekked across five years of my life, but I'll save all that for tomorrow.

Today, I'm simply making note in the bravery sobriety requires after so long in running. How much I'm enjoying the Sims Cd--or even better--the Illogic kick I've been on. And that I wish you could somehow see e-mail addresses on myspace without creating an account on that wretched website.
My cousins last two blog entries therein read I'm pregnant and It's a girl. I find it funny that somehow, through this fluke, I found out about it all before her father--my uncle, my mother or my grandmother.

All of which seemed iffy on it, which disappointed me. I want to e-mail her. Let her know I'm still out here.
Its all so strange to me, I remember when she was just a baby.

Now instead, I'm busy trying to remind myself she isn't--and that I'm still older than her yet. When I was a child, I liked the thought of being able to be whatever I wanted to be when I was grown. Now, time has taken care of its end of the bargin. I guess its time for me to begin on my end.
But what exactly is it that I want to be?
One of the best quotes I've ever read, I believe being from George Bernard Shaw, was "If you take too long in deciding what to do with your life, you'll find you've done it."
So... No time like the present, right?

24 hours and counting.

edited on 7/12/06
Obviously I've yet to make a "final" posting.
This is less from lack of writing on given date and more from lack of time to finish the entry in its complete magnitude.
What I've written is saved--and within the next few days--it'll be posted.

No need to rush the finale, I suppose.

In other news, I missed the Jurassic 5 show tonight because I forgot to put up ample enough notice in to work.
On the otherhand, I cooked their dinner. Straight up.

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