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spontaneous overflow of emotion recollected in tranquility

soul gone tilt
19 January
"I choose not to rant and rave because you shouldn't care."
46 & 2, a warm place, alisha, ant, atmosphere, be here now, big baby sweets, big money hustlas, bill hicks, blaze ya dead homie, bob marley, bone thugs & harmony, breakbeats, breakdance, buddhism, charles manson, clerks, dane cook, daniel tosh, danny carey, dark lotus, dave attel, dave chappelle, dead prez, deltron 3030, douglas adams, dreadlocks, drums, entheogenics, esham, esoma kung-fu, eyedea, faygo, freestyles, furious angels, gathering of the juggalos, george carlin, gibson les paul custom, graffiti art, graveyards, guitar, halo 2, happy noodle boy, happy phantom, hashish, hip hop, home recording, house of krazees, industrial music, insane clown posse, jamie madrox, jared paul, jay and silent bob, jcw, jedi mind tricks, john wayne gacy, juggalettes, jungian psychology, karl marx, keven smith, kottonmouth kings, lachrymology, lucy ford, mac lethal, mal'ganis, martial arts, meditation, merkaba, mf doom, murder murder murder, my own music, natas, nine inch nails, ninjas, nothing, occult, pain, percussion, philosophy, piercings, pissed off steph, porno, positive vibes, psychopathic records, quentin tarantino, revelation #9, ringmaster, rob dougan, robert jordon, sage francis, sam and max, slam poetry, slug, stand-up comedy, steve buscemi, tantric sex, tattoos, tech n9ne, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the rolling stones, the wheel of time, theology, timothy leary, tool, tori amos, turntablism, twiztid, vampire hunter d, wing chun, wobbly headed bob, world of warcraft, zildjian